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B&B Dommu Mia

… in the heart of Baunei’s old town centre …

The B&B overlooks the main town square with coffee bars, restaurants and shops nearby with a wide variety of local food and artisan products.

Dommu Mia is a listed building which preserves signs of the architecture that once shaped the whole village, whit his limestone exposed stones and juniper or granite architraves.

The interiors went under a recent renovation that kept the original architectural features
creating at the same time a more functional layout with modern furnitures.


Split into three floors, the B&B offers two double bedrooms with en-suite and free wi-fi,
the “POLPO” room at the ground floor and “GAMBERO” room at the first floor,
wisely located at the rear of the building in order to assure quiet nights are enjoyed by guests.

Each floor has an extra room that face the main square where every morning a breakfast is served in typical Sardinian baskets.
Also, each room has an under-counter fridge/freezer exclusive to the guest room.

Each room has a double bed, a good size double doors wardrobe, an en-suite, an hair dryer and clean towels.

Free parking is always available very close to the B&B.



Located at 480 meters above the sea level, the village stands on the side of a  limestone rocky formation which overlooks the valley resembling an “anfiteatro” with the highest “Gennargentu” peaks on the background.
A special bond with the tradition and the culture that has characterized Baunei since his very first origin is still alive and well preserved among the locals with their artisanal products and in the original buildings that still show the white rocks used to build the village by the ancestors.
Baunei is the ideal place for your holidays where you can relax and chill out after an adventurous day hiking along one of the several paths that spread inside his territory, through the  “Golgo” plateau towards the famous bays on the coast. Just few kilometres from his marina, S. Maria Navarrese and few steps away from the “Pedra Longa” peak.

Santa Maria Navarrese

Is the Baunei`s marina and a turistic hub with plenty of attractions; from his harbour depart scheduled cruises that take you on the bays along the Baunei’s coast and give you the chance to admire the beauty of the territory from the sea, a coast that stretch for 40 kilometers with steep cliffs that jump into the water, natural stone arcs and caves surrounded by juniper woods.
To be seen is the Medieval little church named after the princess Navarra, according to the local stories, surrounded by millenary olive trees.


One of the most interesting place to visit is Golgo; a plateau that seats above Baunei surrounded by beautiful landscapes, wild nature and ancient artefacts.
Here you can look down from the edge of a natural well 280 meters deep called “Su Sterru”, probably one of the deepest in Europe, see some of the wild life resting near the natural pools of rain waters, “as Piscinas”, visit the Saint Peter Church built in the XVII century or admire the “Nuraghe” the typical Sardinian constructions around the second millennium b.c.

Cala Goloritzè

A true natural  paradise, a rare gem that keeps everyone astonished with the contrast between the mountain right above that unfold into this lovely bay, famous for the crystalline water and white sand. Cala Goloritze’ signatures are the rocky arc, famous among swimmers and the peak “Punta Caroddi” right above the bay and 160 meters high.

Cala Mariolu

Its original name is “Ispuligidenie”, named after the peak nearby but the local  fishermen start calling It “Cala Marioulu” as a reminder for the cheeky habit of the seals that used to live here. “Mariolu” is a sardinian word for thief! Seems that the clever mammals enjoyed eating what was trapped in the fish nets.
The beach is a mixture of sand and tiny rounded pink stones and with his low backdrop is the kid’s favourite.
Few caves can be reach from the bay with a little swim while the “Grotta del Fico” is nearby and can be visited with a scheduled cruise from the harbour at S. Maria Navarrese.

Cala Biriala

The beach of Cala Biriala is situated in the Orosei Gulf, under the Biriala forest, rich in vegetation and in particular of junipers that grow on the rock.
The original natural rock arch that embraces the small beach and the limpid water rich in fish fauna, make this place particularly suggestive, suitable for scuba diving or simple swims with mask and snorkel.

Cala Sisine

A white sandy beach and the high and woody slopes are the frame of another wonder of the territory: Cala Sisine.
From the beach the deep gully rises opening the doors to the wild Supramonte of Baunei, reign of unspoiled nature.
From the Golgo plateau in an hour’s drive through hairpin bends, you can park 20 minutes from the beach and walk to there through narrow paths really fashinating with beautiful views surrounded by the uncontaminated nature.

Cala Luna

Probably the best known of the beaches of the Baunei’s coast is also the northernmost on the border with the town of Dorgali.
A beach of almost 700 meters and a clear sea as are the 35 km of coastline that precede this corner of paradise. The little lake of fresh water behind the beach is suggestive, on which the oleanders in bloom are reflected.
The introduction of the “Codula ‘e Lune” is lost in the hinterland, one of the wildest and most unspoiled environments in Sardinia.

Active Tourism

Baunei is the ideal destination for active tourism’s lovers.

The Wild Blue Trail is well known as the most difficult trekking in Italy, an itinerary of several days that spreads along the coast of the territory from Baunei, from Pedra Longa to Cala Sisine, with interesting variations and passages overlooking the sea, on the high cliffs.

The Supramonte offers numerous alternatives, for experts and beginners, paths that branch off both on the coastal strip, and on the inside, to discover the “Coiles” (typical pastoral structures), the local guides will accompany you along the most fascinating routes.

The particular geological formation of the territory, offers a variety of climbing routes. Climbing enthusiasts will find an amphitheater with sea view where to climb, from the Gallico Village (3 km from Baunei), to Pedra Longa, to Punta Caroddi overlooking Cala Goloritzè.

A varied menu, for professionals and less experts, to disover the territory and his wild nature in an alternative way.

Further informations on activities and services can be found on the website www.turismobaunei.eu



*Prices shown above are per room per night.


To book your holidays at our B&B we accept payment via Bank transfer or PayPal.

It’s possible to cancel your booking and receive a full re-fund up to 20 days before the due arrival.

If you cancel your booking up to 10 days before the due arrival you’ll be re-fund half the amount paid.

We’re sorry but there’s no re-fund for booking cancellation after 10 days prior to the due arrival date.

Terms & Conditions

Check in is admitted between 14:00 and 19:00.

Please Check-out not later than 10:30 am in order to leave enough time to get the rooms ready for the next guests’ arrival.

Children’s fares:

Up to 3 years old: FREE of charge

From 4 to 12years old: 50% discount

Minimum stay policy for our B&B from the 10th to the 20th of August is 3 nights.

For any queries or to book your holiday at our B&B please send us an email at info@dommumia.it and we’ll be happy to contact you immediately.

P.zza Indipendenza, 5 – 08040 BAUNEI (OG) – Sardegna

+39 353 4172165

e-mail: info@dommumia.it